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Did you know that the capacity of your brain is unlimited and all you need is fish oil to boost it?

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Do you think that the power of your is limited?And that you have already reached its capacity?

Maybe you should think again.

The power of your brain is virtually limitless. It has the capacity to be strengthened and expanded.

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt, the US President, had the capacity to recall an entire newspaper from memory and was known to have read 2 – 3 books a day? When we cant read a book within a month!

There is ample capacity to boost your brain power. In addition to doing mind exersices, supplemets to your diet can also help you with this.

Fish Oil :The Brain Power Booster

Here is a brief introduction to what fish oil is and how it can help you.

As you might know, fish such as mackerel, sardines, salmon and tuna are stocked full of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are crucial for a healthy and high functioning mind as they are filled with a number of nutrients that help with boosting cognitive power. A key fatty acid in fish oil is DHA. According to research, 40% of the fatty acids in the brain cells are also DHA.

As you can see, fish oil is stocked full of nutrients that your brain needs. A shortage of these nutrients may lead to fatigue, poor memory, mood swings and even depression. A regular supply of these to your brain will help you boos your overall mental performance and capacity.

As per scientifically backed research, fish oil is the ultimate supplement to your brain.

Did you know that the capacity of your brain is unlimited and all you need is fish oil to boost it?

Fish Oil Supplements Improve Your Memory Even If You’ve Already Reached Your 70s

A recent study was conducted where a group of people in the age range of 70 were divided in two, and one set were given genuine DHA supplements while the others were given placebos. The participants were also given memory tests at the beginning and end of the study. The results were astounding.

The tests given at the beginning of the study showed an average of 13 errors in 30 questions. After a period of 6 months, the repeat memory tests showed that the participants who were given the placebo reduced their errors by 2.4 but the participants who were given the actual fish oil reduced their error rate by 4.5 which is an 87% difference compared to the ones who tool the placebo.


Top 3 Fish Oil Benefits

The benefits you get from fish oil are numerous. But the following three are key and proven to be some of the most important benefits of fish oil.

01. ADHD

Many medical professionals believe that low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids might be a reason behind developmental issues such as ADHD, and many other mental issues over the lifetime of a person.

A recent study with 6-12 year old children suffering with ADHD showed a significant improvement in the children in terms of restlessness, aggressiveness, completing work and academic performance after they we given a Omega 3 and omega 6 supplement, compared to their performance with standard treatments such as methylphenidate and behavioral therapy.

Did you know that the capacity of your brain is unlimited and all you need is fish oil to boost it?

Omega 3 has also proven to be effective in improving the literacy and behavior in children suffering with ADHD according to another recent study.

This impact on the brain performance is understandable as the fats gained by fish oil matches with the fats that make uo 60% of the composition of the brain.

02. Alzheimer’s Disease

Fish oil has consistently proven to be effective in treating conditions like Alzheimers. The fats found in fish oil does more than slowing cognitive decline. It can actually help prevent brain atrophy in elders. Many studies have backed the claim that fish oil is an excellent weapon to fight off early onset of cognitive decline and Alzheimers.

Another study that hand picked individuals who had not developed cognitive decline and did not have the genetic risk factor for Alzheimers, looked at the effect of fish oil on the cognitive decline. Unsurprisingly, individuals who took a supplement of fish oil showed better cognitive performance and lower brain shrinkage over time than those who did not.

03. Anxiety

A recent study showed that fish oil has the capacity to reverse behavior changes related to depression and anxiety induced in rats. This underlines the importance of having a fish oil supplement at the critical stages of brain development. This also re emphasizes the importance of supplementing the diets of children with fish oil to help with early development and to ensure they wont develop conditions like depression and anxiety in their adult life.

A point to note is that over the course of the study, the DHA levels in the blood increased in participants who took the actual fish oil supplements. The increase in DHA levels in the blood is interestingly linked to the performance in the memory tests.

Based on the above data, its quite clear that even if you are in your 70s, fish oil supplements can help you improve your memory.

Did you know that the capacity of your brain is unlimited and all you need is fish oil to boost it?


Top Tips for Adding Fish Oil to Your Health Regime

Fish oil can be purchased in many forms. Most prefer the capsule form as the liquid form tastes quite unpleasant. However, some companies also offer flavored fish oil in flavors such as orange and berry.

Where can I buy fish oil supplements?

Fish oil supplements are freely available for purchase in health stores and super markets. Many websites such as amazon and seven seas also offer fish oil supplements.

What’s the best brands to buy?

Based on the studies conducted by Labdoor, the highest quality product is WHC UnoCardio 1000 + Vitamin D 1000, and the best value product is InnovixLabs Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Did you know that the capacity of your brain is unlimited and all you need is fish oil to boost it?

What’s the optimum amount to take?

If you are a fish person and eat oily fish a few times a week, you will be taking a healthy quantity of omega 3 fatty acids. However, if you don’t eat fish or if your intake is very limited, supplements are your answer. A daily dose of 250 to 500 mgs of EPA and DHA are recommended for adults by some organizations, and Dr Axe recommends a daily supplement of 1000 mgs of fish oil daily. But if you are on any type of medication or have any fish allergies, its better to consult your doctor before you take the supplement.

This is an effective and scientifically backed method of improving memory and brain power. Its also known to help with issues such as arthritis, diabetes, and fertility disorders.

If you are feeling like your mentally tired and loosing your memory, give fish oils a try!

Did you know that the capacity of your brain is unlimited and all you need is fish oil to boost it?


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