How to combat stiffness caused by sitting too much

How to combat stiffness caused by sitting too much
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Stiff shoulders, chest and neck are a common ailment among most of us and we can all blame our strenuous desk jobs for these. stiffness caused

physical therapists all agree that various stiff joints are a direct result of sitting too much and not a result of sports are physical activities.  stiffness caused

Flexed hips, hunched shoulders, drawn chest and drooping head is how most of us generally sit. We stay like this for hours on an end, and this continues posture makes our muscles and joints feel as if they are stuck in one position. stiffness caused

There maybe sports related reasons for stiffness too, but nothing is as common a cause as sitting.  Moving around flexes your muscles and gives your body motion, where as sitting does not. Hence, sitting is far more worse to your body than any sport could ever be.

Here is an effective remedy to combat stiffness caused by sitting. It will help you with stiffness as this stretch places the joints in the opposite angle from how you sit by opening up the chest and shoulders. It takes the areas of the body that is hunched while you sit and stretches them. This is a very simple move, that also makes you feel amazing!

How to do it

Take your bed or the floor, and stack two piles of pillows close together and as high as possible. Lie on this pile with the pillows supporting your shoulders, back and buttocksm and stretch your arms and legs off the pillows and make the shape of a star from your body. Lay your head back, and take a few deep breaths. Stay like this for 3 minutes.

stiffness caused

Make it harder:

Stretch yourself even more by doing a bridge with a stability ball. Stretch over this like you did over the pile of pillows with your stomach facing upwards. Hold this position while taking deep breaths. stiffness caused


How to combat stiffness caused by sitting too much

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