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Growing Zucchini – The most easy to plant garden veggie

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As you very well know, Zucchini is quite a productive summer veggie.Once one plant sets its roots, it will just keep growing.There are a lot of things you can do with these thought, such as cooking and serving in casseroles, slice and add to pancakes and also as a low carb alternative to pasta and bread.

Here are a few pointers for you to grow your own crop of Zucchini and some delicious ways to eat them!


These grow very well in fertile and well-drained soile that has been treated with a lot of compost. Plant the seeds outside about a week after the last frost, when the temperature of the soil has gone up to 60′ F. These need a lot of room to spread and grow, so keep a distance of 3 – 4 feet apart from each plant. If you have limited space put up a trellis for support vertically.


These plants crave moisture. In order to avoid problems related to diseases, try to water from below. Two weeks after the seedlings srput, spray them with some compost tea. Do another round of spraying in another 3 weeks or when flowers appear.



if you see pale and brown patches on the leaves, this is the result of squash bugs. Squash vine borers also make the plants wilt suddenly.

Whitish powdery spots on the leaves which ultimately turn brown and dry are the results of powdery mildew.

Cucumber beetles spread bacterial wilt that makes the plants wilt and ooze a sticky sap when cut.



You should harvest the zucchini when they are small and around 4 inches long. Picking them regularly will promote more of a harvest. If you have a mind staggering harvest, experiment with new methods of cooking zucchini! Try alternatives such as noodles, fritters, veggie burgers, and believe it or not, chocolate cake!

Did you know that the zucchini flowers make an excellent ingredient for salads, over pasta and even taste delicious fried?

These can be stored in the refrigerator for around a week.


Growing Zucchini – The most easy to plant garden veggie

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