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Eat your way to a six pack

Eat your way to a six pack7
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You might be someone who works out like a pro and can hold a plank for minutes but unless you eat right, you will have a hard time getting those abs.

Eating right can help you power those tough workouts, build muscle and burn belly fat that hiding those abs. The wrong diet can do the exact opposite, reversing all the benefits of your workout.



A wonderful source of calcium, probiotic and packed with muscle-building protein, Greek yogurt will help you uncover those abs. Recent studies have shown that people who drink a beverage of fermented milk with probiotic everyday lost a significant amount of belly fat, where as those who didn’t drink lost none.

You need to make sure that your Greek yogurt contains active and live cultures. Also. avoid the flavored varieties as they will only increase belly fat and fluid retention in your belly.



measuring scoop of whey protein powder with a bowl on wooden surface

Including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which decrease exercise-induced muscle damage and increase muscle recovery to help your workouts, whey protein is another must – have in your diet. Research shows that people who doubled their daily protein intake lost more fat and maintained more muscle compared to those who stuck to the recommended daily intake of protein.

Whey protein is a sustainable option for all as it does not cause stomach issues, bloating, gas and is quite safe for people suffering with lactose intolerance.



Whole grains are crucial to give your workouts a boost and reach your fitness goals. Also, the fiber in these whole grains will reduce the stomach fat while increasing the satiety hormones that will help reduce overeating.

Research shows that people how who only eat whole grains lost the same weight as those who didn’t eat grains at all. However, people who ate whole grains also lost more fat from their bellies compared to those who ate none at all.

The best type of grains are brown rice and wheat berries, which fill you up and does not make you bloat.



Rich in prebiotic fiber, a type of fiber that fuels the good bacteria in your digestive tract and helps fight bloating Asparagus also acts as a mild diuretic. AFETR ALL,  the less excess fluid you have in your body, the more your muscles pop.

In addition, the high level of antioxidants will help keep the core muscles string, at the same time preventing inflammation related weight gain.

Overall, all vegetables are good when it comes to reducing abdominal fat and showing off those abs!



This helps prevent constipation and bloating by keeping things moving through the GI tract. In addition, the non ferment-able fiber is also great in increasing datiety and keeping blood sugar levels stable. Recent studies have shown that 30/35 almonds a dat can help shed unwanted belly fat, as it contains more fiber compared to other nuts.



The miracle drink, green tea is stocked full of caffeine and antioxidants, both chemicals that help reduce unwanted belly fat. Adding this as a supplement to your work out can help you go a long way to achieving the dream body.

Caffeine is known to block adenosine, the fatigue inducing chemical. This will you work out harder and longer. EGCG is the antioxidant found in green tea, which will help increase the oxygen used as fuel as the body works out. Together, both will give better results.

Eat your way to a six pack

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