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5 habits that can rocket your confidence!

5 habits that can rocket your confidence!
Written by eLifeHack

How we see ourselves tells us a lot about how confident we are in our own skin. As long as we are confident about who we are, the opinions of other people don’t really matter and what matters is achieving your own goals. The less confidence we have, the more other people can influence our decisions.

Though it is important to surround ourselves with people who are positive, it is even more important to trust in our selves to make us happy and successful. Trusting in ourselves is the key to achieving our own personal best, and it us who can make or break our own lives.

01. Build your Confidence

One of the best ways to increase self confidence is to go for content that is positive and uplifting. Reading material that inspire your confidence, watching visual material that are confidence boosting, internalizing positive messages such as i can do anything or repeating a positive quote to yourself are a few ways how positive content can help you.

The best things of life takes time, and its the same with building your confidence. You need to work on turning your self doubt to self confidence with dedication to see a positive change.

5 habits that can rocket your confidence!

02. Reject the Doubt of Other People

There are always the people who doubt your potential and have no faith in your ability to succeed. We call them haters. Ignore them. They are the ones who secretly want what you have, your dreams, desires and potential to succeed.

These haters are sometimes people we trust, and are closest to us. Ignoring their comments can sometimes be very difficult. But if we are to succeed, we need to cut out all negativity from our lives, and have the ability to dismiss negative comments from loved ones. If we keep worrying about the comments of loved ones, we can never succeed.

Don’t share all your dreams with everyone. Keep your eyes open to the ones who deserve to hear about your dreams.

03. Say No and Mean it

Do you always end up saying yes when you want to say no? The most important thing to focus on is why you are denying your self the luxury of saying no when you want to say no. Why are you trying to please someone else at your own personal cost? Saying no wont make you a bad person. In fact, it shows yourself that you respect your resources such as time, energy and money.

In fact, being comfortable with saying no is a great way to boost your confidence. You are clearly stating that what you want right now is what not others want of you. And that is perfectly OK. It is a great show of confidence when you stand up to protect your interest over that of others.

5 habits that can rocket your confidence!

04. Dress to Impress Yourself

People say that you should dress to impress others. But thats not the case. Clothing is like a second skin, and has both symbolic and physical aspects. The important fact is what a certain item of clothing represents to you. How a particular clothing item can boost your confidence and make you feel like you own your destiny. It can be sweatpants or a suit, wear what makes you feel great, not what other think you should. Your clothing choices should be made to impress yourself and not others.

What you wear and the statement you make with it is a sign of confidence. Its a symbol of showing the world who are!

05. Celebrate Past Victories

Do you have a collection of memories, a box full of old cards you got from people over the years? Most of the time, these say wonderful things about you.

Do you have those amazing moments where you achieved what you wanted? And you keep playing it over because life was perfect at that point?

Our confidence can be boosted by celebrating past victories. Look back and celebrate your triumphs, be it a race you won or a lovely card from you friend. These will help you achieve more, increase your self confidence and honour the strengths you possess


5 habits that can rocket your confidence!


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